Realty The Easy Way.

California and Nevada! Rent, buy, or sell properties for clients. Perform duties, such as studying the market trends and property listings, interview prospective clients, accompany clients to property sites, discuss conditions of sale, and drawing up real estate contracts.

Selling Real Estate

For property owners, I focus on 3 main goals: 1- Sell fast 2- Sell for top dollar 3- Be as transparent as possible

Purchasing and Renting Real Estate

Buyers and Renters: 1- Searching the desired areas, with the exact criteria, providing alert systems for any changes or updates, keeping a pulse on the market. 2- Negotiating all offers and counter-offers from sellers/landlords to get the best deal possible. 3- Giving back for referrals or closing costs.

Financial Services

I focus on you and your needs, goals, and objectives. I help people create a sound strategy for the future focused on reducing debt, saving money, and protecting those things that are most valuable to you and your family.

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